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Ward 5 September Newsletter

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Dispose a Med Event - Sept. 29

Another Dispose-A-Med Day (National Prescription Drug Take-Back Initiative) will take place on Saturday, Sept. 29 from 10AM to 2PM. Tucson Police Department Santa Cruz Substation, located at 4410 S. Park Ave. is sponsoring a drop-off event where the public may dispose of their medications and prescriptions safely. (Santa Cruz Substation is located at NW corner of Park and Fair; entrance into parking lot is off of Fair.) This is a great opportunity for those who missed the previous events, or who have subsequently accumulated unwanted, unused prescription drugs, to safely dispose of those medications. Materials not eligible for the Dispose-A-Med day event are liquids and sharps. LPKNC, along with Arizonans for Prevention and CODAC, are partnering with TPD on Dispose-A-Med Day by helping provide information on substance abuse. Many thanks to TPD Operations South Santa Cruz Substation for sponsoring a site and to all the groups partnering with TPD.
Greetings, I hope the year has served you well. The Downtown Parade of Lights is just around the corner! It's time to start brainstorming ideas for your entry in the 18th Annual Parade of Lights in beautiful Downtown Tucson. Each year the parade is growing, we are seeing more elaborate entries and bigger crowds that really bring the holiday spirit to Downtown. This year the parade will take place on *Saturday, December 15, 2012, 6:30pm *. Please take a moment to review the attached entry form and let me know if you have any questions or concerns. You can download the form and return it via email, fax or mail. We are working on finalizing the route and will get that to you as soon as possible. Entry forms are due Friday, November 30th. You can find more information about the parade and Downtown Tucson at There are events happening all day December 15thincluding a visit from Santa Clause at the Historic Train Depot, the movie *Polar Express* showing at the Fox Theatre, entertainment at Hotel Congress and a plethora of dining and shopping. We're looking forward toward your participation and attendance at this year's parade and please enjoy our exciting Downtown Tucson! Brandi Haga Downtown Parade of Lights Event Coordinator

Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Tucson City Councilor Regina Romero & Faith Community Representatives Invite Public to Forum on SB 1070 with Police Chief Roberto VillaseƱor Tucson City Councilor Regina Romero and a diverse coalition of faith-based community representatives are inviting the public to a forum on the City of Tucson’s response to SB 1070. The forum was established following Mayor and Council’s declaration of Tucson as an “Immigrant Welcoming City” earlier this year. Part of the resolution, which passed by a 6-1 vote, established a public dialogue on racial profiling and the implementation of SB 1070, as well as what it means for our community. The forum will be held on Tuesday, September 25th from 5:30 - 7:30 pm at Most Holy Trinity Parish, 1300 N. Greasewood. Tucson Police Chief VillaseƱor and City Attorney Mike Rankin will discuss SB 1070 and what it means for public safety and the City of Tucson. Individuals will have the opportunity to ask questions, including what our rights are under the law. What: Community Forum in Response to SB 1070 When: Tuesday, September 25th 2012 - 5:30 to 7:00 p.m. Where: Most Holy Trinity Parish, 1300 N. Greasewood The forum comes days after Judge Susan Bolton lifted of her original injunction on SB1070, allowing section 2b of the law to go into effect. This section is knows as the “papers please” provision, and has been considered one of the most controversial conditions of the law. The U.S. Department of Justice and civil rights groups have both set up hotlines to document racial profiling, and are asking individuals to report the violation of civil liberties. The DOJ hotline phone number is 1-855-353-1010, and the email is The ACLU hotline number is 1-855-RESPETO or 1-855-737-7386.

Hispanic Heritage Month Continues

(The following is a reprint of an oped written by Councilmember Richard Fimbres.) Hispanic Heritage Month Each year, Americans observe National Hispanic Heritage Month from September 15 to October 15, by celebrating the histories, cultures and contributions of American citizens whose ancestors came from Spain, Mexico, the Caribbean and Central and South America. As we work to honor Latino culture this month, we should reflect on what makes Latinos unique and such a strong contributing force in America. Latinos across America have made countless positive contributions to our military, education, the arts, the economy, and the social fabric which makes America unique. With 50 million Latinos across the United States, Latinos now make up the largest minority group and represent nearly $1 trillion dollars in buying power. Latinos also represent the fastest growing segment of the American electorate. In Arizona Raul Castro served as our first Latino Governor for the state. Ed Pastor was the first Latino elected to represent Arizona in the U.S. Congress in 1991 and today, there are two Latinos in Congress, Ed Pastor , Raul Grijalva and we have an opportunity to send our first U.S. Senator to Washington in Richard Carmona. In Tucson and Pima County, Latinos have sent a strong message by turning out to vote and leading the state in the number of Latinos that have been elected to governing bodies such as the State Legislature, Pima County government, Tucson City government, local school districts and Pima Community College. Latinos are a sleeping giant which needs to make the long term investment, by registering to vote and casting their ballots to empower our families and our neighborhoods. The 2010 U.S. Census showed the Latino community grew by four times the national average, accounting for more than half of the total U.S. population increase of 27.3 million. Between 2000 and 2010, the Hispanic population grew by 43 percent, or four times the nation’s 9.7 percent growth rate. As we increase our population, we should increase our participation at the polls. In Tucson, during the 2011 election, which was conducted as an all, vote-by-mail, turnout increased in the South and West sides, where a majority of the Latino community resides, by 36 and 27 percent respectively. The sleeping giant is awakening in the Old Pueblo and now it is time to do so in the rest of Arizona. During this Hispanic Heritage Month, let us reflect on where we have been but not lose sight on where we still need to go. President John F. Kennedy stated, “Ask not what you’re Country Can do for You, but what you can do for our Country”. The best thing we can do for our country is to register and Vote. (Richard Fimbres is the Councilmember for Tucson’s Ward 5, and has been in office since 2009.)

Friday, September 21, 2012


On the November ballot, Tucson voters will have an opportunity to consider Proposition 409, which will allocate $100 million in General Obligation Bond funds to improve the condition of City streets. Bond funds will be used to restore, repair and resurface streets inside the Tucson city limits. The public is invited to learn more about Proposition 409 at one of three open houses: Monday, September 24, 2012 6 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. Randolph Clubhouse, 600 S. Alvernon Way Wednesday, September 26, 2012 6 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. Quincie Douglas Recreation Center, 1575 E. 36th Street Thursday, September 27, 2012 6 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. Udall Center, 7200 E. Tanque Verde Road At each public open house, City staff will provide a brief presentation beginning at 6:15 p.m. Following the presentation, participants can visit several stations that will be set up to answer questions about the bond package. The Automated Road Analyzer vehicle that the City uses to evaluate street conditions will also be on site for the public to see. General Obligation Bonds are a common financing tool used by local governments to pay for infrastructure improvements. The estimated residential tax impact of this bond program is $18 per year per $100,000 of full cash value, as determined by the Pima County Assessor. The bonds will be repaid through the City’s secondary property tax, resulting in an estimated average rate increase of 33 cents. If approved by voters, the bond funds will be invested in street resurfacing over a five-year period. All work will be competitively bid out to private contractors. Approximately 85 percent of bond funds will be allocated to major streets with the remainder allocated to neighborhood streets. As part of the program, approximately 130 miles of major streets and 114 miles of neighborhood streets will be resurfaced. The Mayor and Council have adopted a Truth in Bonding Policy to ensure that no change can be made to the purpose of the bond funds without going back to voters for approval. For more information on the bond program, visit or call 791-4204.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Vamos a Tucson 2012

The City of Tucson is pleased to welcome back the Vamos a Tucson Mexican Baseball Fiesta being held at Kino Stadium from October 4 through October 7. The tournament this year has expanded to six teams - four teams from Mexico, as well as the San Diego Padres Future Stars and the Los Angeles Dodgers Future Stars. "I want to welcome and thank the four teams from the Mexican Pacific League, the Los Angeles Dodgers and San Diego Padres farm teams for their participation in the 2012 Vamos a Tucson Baseball Fiesta," said Council Member Richard Fimbres. "Their contributions, as well as those of their fans to our community and economy will greatly benefit the Tucson region in many ways.” The Tucson Padres, The Metropolitan Tucson Convention and Visitors Bureau (MTCVB), The Sonoran Sports Commission and Desert Diamond Casinos and Entertainment collaborated to bring the Fiesta back to Tucson. The Fiesta’s economic impact to Tucson has already been noted as two teams have already begun practicing in Tucson. In all, 1,800 hotel room nights from players, 11,000 total meals consumed and 1,000 hotel room nights from fans will take place in Tucson, Fimbres said. "An event of this caliber has the potential to bring thousands of visitors to our community," said Felipe Garcia, MTCVB Vice President of Community Affairs and Mexico Marketing. "Winter baseball is huge in Latin America, and through this tournament, Tucson will continue to be a part of it." Added Fimbres: “Baseball is just one aspect of the activities, October 4 through 7. It is anticipated that many dignitaries from both the private and public sectors, from both sides of our border will be present for Vamos a Tucson, which will provide great opportunities to build and strengthen our relationships between our communities."" Tickets are now available by visiting the Kino Stadium Box office, calling (520) 434-1367 or by logging onto "We are excited to host the second Vamos a Tucson Mexican Baseball Fiesta," said Mike Feder, Tucson Padres Vice President and General Manager. "We learned last year what a great level of play this is. We expect this year's event to be bigger and better." The tournament has expanded this year to include teams from the states of Sonora and Sinaloa. The two returning teams are the Naranjeros de Hermosillo and Yaquis de Ciudad Obregon. New this year are the Venados de Mazatlan and Tomateros de Culiacan. Last year, the three-day baseball fiesta drew more than 12,000 fans from both sides of the border. The participating players and coaches are eager to interact with Tucson community organizations and community events, Garcia said. For more information on scheduling players and coaches to attend an event, contact Tucson Padres Director of Hispanic Marketing Francisco Gamez at 258-3217.
Know the Top 10 Causes of Fire in Tucson Cooking Cooking fires typically occur when food is left unattended or when grease splatters and catches fire. Storage of combustibles near the stove such as paper towels, cardboard boxes (cereal) and dish rags can increase the risk of fire. Children Curious children may also set fires if they acquire matches and lighters left unattended in the home. Remember to secure matches and lighters in a locked cabinet beyond the reach of children. If you find singed or melted items such as toys, clothing, paper, or vegetation or if you notice burnt matches or missing lighters discuss the dangers of fire setting with your children immediately, for these are signs of fire play. If you need assistance intervening in your child’s fire setting call 837-7075 to request a Juvenile Fire Stopper Class. Candles Candles that are left unattended, placed on uneven or flammable surfaces or placed too close to combustible materials can cause fires in the home. Candles should be kept out of the reach of children and pets and extinguished before leaving the room. Heating Equipment Heating equipment including portable heaters, hot water heaters, toasters, curling irons, coffee makers and any other heat producing appliance can cause a fire if left operating in close proximity to combustible materials. Remember to leave three feet of space between hot appliances and combustibles such as paper, cardboard, cloth, or plastic. Contact a qualified technician to schedule an annual maintenance for your furnace and check filters regularly. Remove the lint from the dryer after each load of laundry. Smoking Smoking is the leading cause of fires resulting in death. Never smoke while in bed or while drowsy. Avoid smoking under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Whenever possible smoke outside of the home away from combustible materials and use large, deep ashtrays. Electrical Equipment Damaged electrical appliances, cords, plugs or wiring can cause fires. Overloading electrical outlets with multiple plugs, using extension cords inappropriately and running electrical cords under rugs, heavy furniture or in high traffic areas can present a significant fire hazard. Avoid “do-it-yourself” electrical projects, before attempting to install electrical components contact a licensed contractor. Inadequate Wiring If you are experiencing dimming lights when using another appliance, blown fuses or tripped breakers regularly, you may not have adequate wiring in your home. This may overload the existing electrical system and cause a fire. Contact a licensed contractor to assess your needs and install the needed equipment. BBQ Grills Grilling near or under combustible structures can cause a fire, operate the grill at least 10 feet away from any structure. Clean the cooking surface of the grill regularly with soapy water to remove grease and check the grill for leaks by spraying soapy water on all of the hoses and connections. Flammable Liquids Remember to store flammable liquids such as fuel, lacquer, solvents, cleaning agents and other volatiles in approved containers in an area outside of the home. These liquids emit high vapors when not contained and can ignite easily from a simple ignition source such as static electricity, high temperatures or heating equipment. Fireplace & Chimney The fireplace and chimney can present a fire hazard if not properly secured or maintained. Inspect your fireplace thoroughly prior to use, ensure that the fireplace’s integrity is intact and all safety equipment is working. Contact a chimney sweep to clean the chimney as needed. Remove overgrown vegetation from the exterior before use. Great Home Fire Safety Survey Checklist From the NFPA

Plan Tucson To Hold Community Workshops

White House Local Government Affairs Update

Friday, September 14, 2012


23rd ANNUAL LEAGUE OF UNITED LATIN AMERICAN CITIZENS (L.U.L.A.C.) / FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION (F.B.I) COMMUNITY SERVICE AWARDS LUNCHEON, SEPTEMBER 21ST CONTACT: Ana Estrada, Awards Luncheon Co-Chair, (520) 903-2838 TUCSON – The 23rd Annual LULAC/FBI Community Services Awards Luncheon will take place Friday, September 21st at the Inn Suites Hotels, 475 N. Granada. The Arizona LULAC District 3 Councils and the F.B.I. have partnered once again to honor the selfless servants of society who day after day work to improve the community in which we live. For 22 years, LULAC and the F.B.I. have worked together to honor outstanding citizens from Tucson and Arizona with their LULAC/F.B.I. Community Service Awards. LULAC Council #1057 is proud of the partnership that has been created and of the tremendous success the event has experienced. The luncheon has served to help to build unity and good will within the community. Special Agent in Charge Mr. James L. Turgal for the F.B.I in Arizona has been invited to be the keynote speaker at the luncheon and present this year’s F.B.I. Community Service Awards. Tickets for the Luncheon are $25 (luncheon donations are tax deductible for the amount exceeding $25). Proceeds will go to LULAC Council #1057’s effort to send students to attend the LULAC Washington National Youth Leadership Seminar and to provide scholarships with LULAC’s National Scholarship Foundation. WHAT: 23rd Annual LULAC/FBI Community Service Awards WHEN: Friday, September 21st, 11:30 A.M. to 1::30 P.M. WHERE: Inn Suites Hotels, 475 N. Granada. Please make checks payable to the Southern Arizona Institute of Leadership (SAIL – a non-profit corporation under section 501c3 of the IRS Code) and mail them to SAIL, c/o LULAC 1057, P.O. Box 2443, Tucson, AZ 85702. Please RSVP by September 19th by calling (520) 903-2838.

Operation Snowbird EA Report Public Comment Period Extended

Air Force extends Operation Snowbird public comment period DAVIS-MONTHAN AIR FORCE BASE, Ariz.–The U.S. Air Force is extending the public comment period for the draft Environmental Assessment concerning Operation Snowbird here until Oct. 4. This additional 20-day extension allows citizens more time to analyze the proposal to implement National Guard Training Plan 60-1 supporting Operation Snowbird. The public comment period began July 31, 2012. The Air Force also has provided a Spanish translation of the draft Finding of No Significant Impact as a convenience for bilingual community members. The draft EA, including the translated draft FONSI, has been placed at the following local libraries: Quincie Douglas Library, 1585 East 36th Street, Tucson, Ariz. 85713, and Salazar-Ajo Library, 33 West Plaza Street, Ajo, Ariz. 85621. Eckstrom-Columbus Branch Library, 4355 East Calle Aurora, Tucson, Ariz., 85711 (NOTE: the Eckstrom-Columbus Branch Library has moved to a temporary location, which is slated to be open to the public starting Sept. 24) The Spanish translation of the draft FONSI and the draft 2007 data collection site visit report are also available online at The English translation is the official document of record. The translated draft FONSI is provided for convenience.

Ward 5 Beautification Project Celebrated

City of Tucson Celebrate Transportation Beautification Projects Ward 5 Council Member Richard Fimbres and City Manager Richard Miranda and the public celebrated the completion of the landscaping beautification projects at Irvington and Tucson Boulevard in Ward 5, on Thursday, September 13. This work was part of a four month city-wide effort, by the City of Tucson, Tucson Clean and Beautiful and The Groundskeeper. Forty-two landscaped arterials and collector street medians and roadsides were abated, which amounted to 200-plus miles citywide, at a cost of $580,000. More than 1,000 tons of debris was removed. In addition, 320 trees and 1,400 shrubs that were damaged due to freezing conditions a few years back were removed. "In 2010, my colleagues and I on the City Council implemented a Litter Fee to help beautify areas like this behind me. It is money well spent," said Councilmember Richard Fimbres. Councilmember Fimbres went on to say, "As we strive to make Tucson Boulevard a more scenic route and a gateway into Tucson from the airport, projects like this help to not only beautify the area, but to bring a sense of pride and worth for not only the residents of Ward 5, but for all the citizens of our great City. I want to thank the residents of Ward 5 who came out today to celebrate the completion of this beautification project. I also want to thank City staff, the Groundskeeper and Tucson Clean and Beautiful for their work and efforts." In addition to the Irvington Road beautification, the Grant Road and I-10 Mediation Beautification, with the work done by Ward 3 Councilmember Karin Uhlich's office, were celebrated as well at this event.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Neighborhood Cleanups Expanded

This month, the City of Tucson’s Neighborhood Clean-up Program will be expanded and will be available to incorporated homeowners’ associations and small, organized groups of neighbors in addition to City of Tucson registered neighborhood associations. This program provides roll-off containers (dumpsters) to assist residents who want to work together to clean-up their neighborhood and is offered through the Environmental Services fees paid by residential customers. Nancy Petersen, Environmental Services Interim Director said, “The program has been used for many years by the City’s Neighborhood Associations, but there are many other residents who would like to pitch in to clean up their neighborhoods, too. We hope that by providing roll-offs and the hauling and disposal, we’ll make it easier for them.” More information about the program is available online. Residents can visit the ES web page at or call ES Customer Services at (520) 791-3171. Information for neighborhood associations is available on the HCD website at

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Zebra Baby on Exhibit

A male Grevy’s zebra born at Reid Park Zoo on August 31 will be on exhibit for the first time this morning. Mom and baby spent several days behind-the-scenes under careful observation. The young zebra had a low birth weight, but he is now nursing, gaining weight, and ready to explore the larger habitat. Zoo staff and Veterinarian will continue to keep a close eye on this first time mom and her offspring for the next several critical months as he gains strength. He will be on exhibit this morning for an undetermined length of time, and may return to his behind-the-scenes area in the afternoon, or whenever Zoo Keepers feel he needs additional rest. The Grevy's zebra, Equus grevyi, is an endangered species with as few as 2,500 remaining in the wild. Reid Park Zoo is an active participant in the Species Survival Plan, which works to protect this species through captive breeding and education programs. Over 35 US zoos accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) participate in the joint conservation efforts of the Species Survival Plan. The Zoo is open 9 a.m. - 4 p.m. daily. For additional information guests can call 791-4022 or visit the Zoo’s website at

Friday, September 7, 2012

OSB EA Draft Report

Arizona Air National Guard's 162nd Fighter Wing Operation Snowbird, is located at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, the base host unit. In the summer of 2010, the Air Force determined that an Environmental Assessment was needed due to an expansion of OSB operations in the plan which governs the OSB mission. The EA will look at OSB operations' effects on noise, public safety, air quality, cultural resources, biological resources, hazardous matter and waste management, socio-economics, environmental justice and air space. The draft report is located online at: Comments must be submitted through the 355th FW Public Affairs office. All comments will be considered for final OSB EA. Those wishing to submit a comment are asked to provide the following information: Name Date E-Mail Address Mailing Address Comment Comments should be mailed to the following address: ATTN: OSB EA COMMENT SUBMITTAL 355th Fighter Wing Public Affairs 3180 S. First Street Davis-Monthan AFB, AZ 85707 Comments should be sent no later than September 14, 2012. Comments submitted during the public review period will be considered in preparation of the final EA and before a determination is made on the proposed action.

Water Line Repairs Result in Closure of Calle Santa Cruz, Valencia to Drexel

Tucson Water maintenance crews are repairing a 24” main water line on
Calle Santa Cruz, between Valencia and Drexel Roads. To ensure the
safety of workers conducting repairs, Calle Santa Cruz will be closed
from Valencia Road to Drexel Road starting at 3 PM, Thursday, September
6. The road is expected to reopen the morning of Saturday, September 8.

Access to Pima Community College’s Desert Vista Campus will be
maintained from Drexel and Irvington Roads. Sun Tran bus route #27 will
be rerouted and Sun Van has been notified of the change in campus

Motorists who need to go to PCC’s Desert Vista Campus should use
eastbound or westbound Drexel Road or travel southbound Calle Santa Cruz
from Irvington Road. Motorists are asked to also use caution around the
work crews and barricades.