Friday, June 15, 2012

Yellow Pages - Phone Book

Dex One has been a leader in offering consumers a choice about
directory delivery for several years, and we are asking for your
partnership to help spread the word throughout your community. It is
important that residents know they have a choice about the print
directories they receive.

We are now reminding Tucson Area residents and businesses that this is
the time to let us know their preference for the Dex Tucson Yellow
Pages directorythey want to receive this year. They can change the
number of directories they are scheduled to receive or stop delivery
altogether at ( ).

We know 70percent of adults use their directories every year, but they
may also use our digital search alternatives, ( ) and (
), and need fewer directories. Or maybe they use only our digital
options and want to opt out completely.  They can let us know at ( ). The website also
provides local directory recycling information.

If you are willing, please help us inform people in your area that
they can change quantities or stop the delivery of directories. We
would appreciate it if you would be willing to post the following
information on your websites or include it in any other newsletters or
information provided to residents.

To choose the directories you need or stop delivery:

Or call Dex One at 1-866-60-MY-DEX (1-866-606-9339).

Requests should be submitted by July 17th to impact the next delivery of the
Dex TucsonYellow Pages.