Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Tucson Water Update


Tucson Water has installed monitoring systems along large diameter
pipelines that are designed to notify Tucson Water maintenance personnel
of conditions that could lead to failure of a section of pipe. Monitors
recently detected a series of events on a section of pipe that indicate
a potential weakening of the pipe structure. The segment of pipe is
located along a transmission main that moves water from a reservoir
located in Starr Pass into other parts of the City.

Tucson Water has taken steps to isolate the affected segment of pipe in
order to allow maintenance crews access to conduct an inspection. This
action has resulted in the temporary closing of water supply from the
reservoir. In order to ensure water delivery is not affected by the
closing of the reservoir, groundwater wells have been turned on to meet
demand while the condition of the segment of pipe is investigated.

Tucson Water Director Alan Forrest stated the monitoring system has
worked as planned. “Because so much of our infrastructure is below
ground, we were often unable detect weaknesses in our pipes until a
break occurred. The investment in this monitoring system has brought a
potentially serious situation to our attention in time to avert a

Tucson Water crews will begin to excavate around the affected pipe as
soon as permits are secured, and alternate water delivery capabilities
are in place.