Monday, November 29, 2010

Tucson Water Recommends Protection of Exposed Plumbing from Freezing Temperatures

The National Weather Service is predicting temperatures in the mid to high 20s tonight, and Tucson Water would like to remind area residents that efforts should be made to protect any plumbing that is exposed to the elements. “Over the years, we have noticed that one of the busiest times in our Customer Service section is the morning after a hard freeze. Customers call in concerned about low pressure, and when we go out to investigate, we discover that a water line has burst due to the freezing temperatures,” commented Jeff Biggs, Director of Tucson Water.

Tucson Water suggests making sure that service lines to evaporative coolers have been shut off and drained. In addition, any exposed pipes located outdoors, including spigots or faucets, irrigation systems, and backflow prevention devices should also be protected from cold weather. Pipe insulation can be purchased at area hardware and home improvement stores. Residents can also wrap pipes with towels, newspaper, or cardboard as a short-term measure. Tucson Water does not recommend leaving a faucet running as a means of preventing water lines to freeze. If a water line must be left running, it should be an outdoor faucet connected to a hose that can be moved to water a tree or shrub.