Tuesday, January 25, 2011


World's Largest Treasure Hunt in Tucson January 29 - February 13
The 57th Annual Tucson Gem and Mineral ShowTM, February 10 – 13, 2011 at the Tucson Convention Center promises to be better than ever with this year’s theme “Minerals of California”. Of course when you think of California minerals you think of gold and we will have lots of gold. We will also have some other spectacular minerals on exhibit. The L. A. County Museum will bring several minerals including, “The Blue Lady” a 20 cm Beryl with quartz from the Blue Lady Mine, a beautiful Spessartine garnet with schorl and albite from the Little Three Mine, and a gold nugget the “Mojave Nugget” from the Stringer district of San Bernardino County. At 14 cm tall and weighing 156 troy oz. this is the largest California gold nugget currently known.
We will also have two must see exhibits. The first is the AUSROX and as the name suggests it comes from Australia and not California. Still it is a must see. The AUSROX weighs 23.56 kilograms (51.289 pounds), is the third largest nugget in existence and the largest in private hands. This is the first time that this nugget will be displayed in the US. Our second must see exhibit is a find of incredible gem crystals from an undisclosed California locality. The best specimen is scheduled to be unveiled (literally) for the first time at the opening of our Show. You must be there to see the event. We are planning a special ceremony with a well known California mineralogical celebrity.
This is just a sampling of what you can see at this year’s show.
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Image by Gil Kenny courtesy MTCVB