Friday, May 25, 2012

Ward 5 Town Hall

Last night, more than 120 people turned out for the Ward 5 Town Hall held at the Fred G. Acosta Job Corps Center.

Thanks to the Carld Rosborough, Steve Ramirez and the staff and students of the Job Corp for their help and efforts to make this meeting a success.   I also want to thank my staff: Melinda Jacobs, John Ferra, Daniel Trevizo, Eileen Soto and Mark Kerr for their work.  I also want to thank Dr. Ron Spark, who also volunteered his time on this event as well.

Many Ward 5 constituents and neighborhood association officers were present, including the officers from South Park, Pueblo Gardens, Cherry Avenue, and Barrio Santa Rita, plus representatives from the Parkway Terrace Neighborhood.

I want to thank Mayor Rothschild for taking part and talking about his 180 Day Plan.

I also want to thank Asst. City Mgr. Andrew Quigley, Tony Paez, the Transportation Director, Bob McGee with Sun Tran, Jose Ortiz (who provided the Ward 5 map on projects) with Transportation, Joyce Garland from Budget, TPD Captain Ramon Batista) and Byron Howard from the City Managers Office.

I want to give a special thanks to Mr. Byron Howard, who has been working for the City in annexations for more than a decade.  In June, Byron will be retiring from the City of Tucson.  In my three years as a Councilmember, Byron Howard has been a great help and been a great service to myself and the constituents in Ward 5.

A lot of good questions were asked and information was given.  Again to all who were in attendance, Ward 5 was proud.