Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Cherrybell Post Office Update

We have received some good news from our federal lobbyists about the Cherrybell Post Office.

It had been announced on several different occasions by the Postal Service that Cherrybell was scheduled to close by February 2013.

Thanks to Congressman Barber, Grijalva, the Mayor and Council advocacy, Tracy Tucker and our federal lobbyists, businesspeople such as George Kalil of Kalil bottling and all concerned citizens who have spoken out on this issue, the Postal Service have pushed the date back to May 2014.

This gives more time for federal legislative action on the postal system and for Cherrybell.

Our efforts will continue to Tucson and Southern Arizona’s postal processing center open for the 1.8 million citizens and 23,197 businesses it serves.  This is a victory in this long battle which has not reached its conclusion.