Friday, November 2, 2012


The dedication of the Arroyo Chico Detention Basin Project took place on Friday, November 2, 2012.

This was the third phase of an effort which started with the construction of the Randolph South Detention Basins in 1996 and the Cherry Field Detention Basins in 2008.

The City of Tucson, Pima County Regional Flood Control District, Tucson Unified School District and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers' Los Angeles District worked to complete these three projects in part to help the neighborhoods in these respective areas deal with flooding issues that had occurred previously, resulting in flood damage to some houses while forcing most homeowners to purchase expensive flood insurance for being in a flood plain.

Ward 5 Councilmember Richard Fimbres expressed his appreciation for the work and effort on these projects by the governmental entities.   He is glad the Arroyo Chico Detention Basin Project is done and hopes it meets its goals of helping with the rainwater and alleviates potential flooding problems that averaged more than $3.0-million a year.

Fimbres went on to express his appreciation of City staff involved with the project and for those neighbors and neighborhoods who have worked on these projects and took part in the City of Tucson Citizen Advisory Committee’s which had been set up, so that those most affected would have a voice over these projects.  The first being the Park Avenue Detention Basin for which in 1998, came up with the 18 points approved by the Tucson Mayor and Council in 1998.

“Thanks to these neighborhoods, from Broadmoor to Barrio San Antonio, Miles to Barrio Anita and El Presidio to Dunbar, other voices had been a part of this process, from the initial discussions by the City of Tucson Mayor and Council in the early 1990’s, through its completion,” Councilmember Fimbres said.  “Sometimes there were delays, but it was the neighbors and neighborhood associations, through their activism and their participation on advisory committees kept the projects intentions focused, something I salute them all for their commitment and for speaking out when needed.

Councilmember Fimbres went on to acknowledge his predecessor in the office, Steve Leal and his staff, for their work on the Arroyo Chico Detention Basin Project, as well as for the second phase – the Cherry Field Detention Basin.  “Councilmember Leal and his staff, including Mary Fimbres and Abe Marques are to be commended for their commitment to bettering the neighborhoods and businesses in the area with the efforts for Arroyo Chico and for the Cherry Fields Detention Basins.”

Fimbres also thanked the Army Corps of Engineers for their work and the federal government for providing funding for the Arroyo Chico Detention Basin, as well as for the Randolph South and Cherry Field Detention Basin Projects.