Friday, March 25, 2011

Odaiko Sonora Update

Celebrate Tucson, celebrate creativity, celebrate hands-on, home-grown fabulousness! Join us Saturday, March 26, and support the region's only artist-owned performing arts incubator. Be part of the can-do spirit squad that believes stalwartly in human potential for good, and keeps creating no matter how bad the cards are this round :-)

Rhythm Industry Review, 1013 S. Tyndall, 7:00–10:00pm. $15 suggested donation directly supports the studio and resident artist projects such as Carnaval, the All Souls Procession and more!

Upcoming Events
In April, you can catch us at 2nd Saturday on the 9th, Race for the Cure on the 10th, and at the PCC Japanese Speech Contest on the 23rd. For all upcoming appearances, visit our web listings and "like" our Facebook page!