Thursday, March 3, 2011

RFP - Literacy for Life Coalition

Support for Providers of Literacy Services

Request for Partnerships for Release of Project Funds

February 28, 2011

In 2010 Literacy for Life Coalition approved the release of over $100,000 in funds, largely from the Tucson Festival of Books and the Community Foundation for Southern Arizona. These funds were provided for projects to enhance literacy in two Literacy Zones and within greater Tucson through the collaborative efforts of over a dozen service providers and other entities affiliated with the Coalition.

This year, the Tucson Festival of Books has generously provided money to further fund collaborative literacy services. In requesting proposals for these funds, the Coalition Board wishes to build upon the successes of 2010. This year we will fund up to 3 projects serving the Sunnyside and/or South Park Literacy Zones, for a cumulative total of $35,000.

The Outcome Measures
The Outcome Measures that are to be impacted by enhanced and coordinated services are:
Outcomes Tracked in the Literacy Zones
  • % entering kindergartners who are assessed kindergarten ready
  • % 4th graders reading at age appropriate level
  • % 8th graders performing at age appropriate level
  • % decline in high school drop out rate
  • % adults making educational gains
  • % adults with high school diploma/certificate
  • % adults with some college

Important Notes:
  1. Organizations must partner with one or more other organizations.
  2. No more than three partnership projects will be funded.
  3. Organizations must provide (and demonstrate) matching dollars/services.
  4. One or more of the three branch libraries must be included in the partnership (as an unfunded but participating partner):  Valencia, El Pueblo, Quincie Douglas.
  5. Projects may not represent replacements of programs unfunded by State or local government.
  6. Awardees must attend a Reporting Requirements meeting and adhere to reporting requirements.

Format for Proposals for Release of Project Funds:

The proposal may be for multiple years. No guarantee for multiple year funding is made.  However, the Literacy for Life Coalition will compile these proposals and seek funding for multiple years.

Summary of the project (no more than 200 words maximum)

Description: what you will do in partnership? (700 words maximum)
Include what you expect to do in year one.  If a multi-year request, also include what you expect to do in subsequent years.   

Anticipated impact to one or more of the measures of outcomes shown on page 1 of this framework. (200 word maximum).

Amount of request and how much would be provided to each organization in the partnership for year one. Resources will be allocated in July 2011, but must be spent before June 30, 2012. Show the full budget including the matching dollars.

Proposal Due Date: April 30, 2011
Review Team: Members of the Capacity Team who did not submit proposals, Patty Anders as Chair.  

Distribution of Funds Timeline:
  • Request for Proposal: February 28, 2011
  • Proposals due: April 30, 2011
  • Awards announced: June 6, 2011
  • Awards funded: July 2011
  • Required reporting training for awardees: (Date tbd) before August 31, 2011
  • Reports of projects due: April 30, 2012
  • Funds Used by: June 30, 2012
 For more information, go online to or Email Bruce Anderson: