Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Vote By Mail Update

The City Clerk’s Office has mailed a postcard to all active registered voters regarding the upcoming Vote by Mail elections.

Two different postcards were mailed.  The first was sent to all voters registered as Democrat, Republican, Libertarian or Green.  The card notified them that the 2011 elections would be conducted by mail, the dates of the elections and that their ballot would be mailed to them on August 10.  The second card was mailed to those voters not registered with one of these four political parties.  It included the same information but also requires the voter, if they want to vote in the Primary Election, to select either the Democrat, Republican or Green party ballot.  The Libertarian Primary is closed.

A listing, follows, of the seven (7) voting locations that will be open on Election Day.   Pursuant to A.R.S. § 16-558.02, any City of Tucson voter may obtain a replacement ballot on Election Day upon presentation of a signed, sworn statement that the ballot was lost, spoiled, destroyed or not received.  Sworn statements will be available at each voting location.

Registered voters may visit any one of the voting locations and perform any of the following:
Drop off your ‘voted’ vote-by-mail ballot, or
Bring your vote-by-mail ballot, cast the ballot in person and drop it in the ballot box, or
Receive and vote a vote-by-mail replacement ballot.

This information is also available on the City Clerk’s website at:

Voting Locations

What follows is the calendar of key election dates.

Calendar of Key Election Dates