Friday, October 21, 2011


More than 40 students, from Sunnyside, Desert View and Sahuarita High School, as well as eighteen community leaders, were honored for their achievements by Pima County Supervisor Ramon Valadez and Ward 5 Councilmember Richard Fimbres.

These awards were presented at the Kino Community Center, with more than 200 in attendance.

Honored from Sunnyside High School were Anika Adams Baker, Viviana Arvizu, Taylor Barrett, Edgar Duran, Alexis Espinoza, Dominic Martinez, Raymond Menasie, Raul Morage, Andres Piedra and Steven Spradling. Honored from Desert View High School were Anthony Ball, Sadiya Buta, Maria Casas, Yaxaira Dorame, Rubi Duran, Uriel Garcia, Giovanni Garcia, Aimee Hall, Luis Hernandez, Paul Intarakamhang, Tiamoya Johnson, Marlene Martinez, Alexandria Ojeda, Dora Otero, Regina Palazuelos, Juan Rojas, Luis Sanchez, Isaiah Sauceda, Alyssa Thompson and Lilly Truong. Honored from Sahuarita High School were Hailey Bliven, Anne Bruno, Katie Fort, Leslie Grijalva, Maurice Hamilton, Courtney McNichols, Cynthia Quijano, Sigourney Sanchez, Kalleanah Smith, Cayenne Towne, Anthony Vecenti and Nicole Weber.

“These young people have worked hard in the classroom, the athletic field and in their community,” said Councilmember Richard Fimbres. “Pima County Supervisor Valadez and I wanted to honor them for their achievements.”

The students were recognized for the academic and athletic work, as well as their effort to better the community.

In addition, Ward 5 business owners and residents – Paul Appleby, Mark and Erika Bilbo, Leo and Emma Carrillo, Bob and Elaine Clark, Dr. Laura Elias De La Torre, Rene Gastelum, Maggie Gerring, Edith Hagler, Andy Herrera, Vickie Messimer and Jamey Sumner, were honored for their service to the community. In addition, Old Pueblo Printers owner Albert Elias, Larry Mungia, and Juan Quevedo were honored for their community service and Maiola Coleman received a lifetime achievement award for her work for Tucson.

“During these tough, economic times, these people go the extra mile to help their neighbors and community to be a better place to live, work and raise a family, through their efforts,” Fimbres said.

This was the second awards ceremony conducted by Supervisor Valadez and Councilmember Fimbres.

“Supervisor Ramon Valadez and his staff are to be commended for their work on this, as well as the effort for the community,” Fimbres added. “I look forward to working with him and his staff on future events and other projects in Ward 5 and District 2.

“I am very glad to have the opportunity, to honor these people who are part of the good news of our community,” said Pima County Supervisor, Ramon Valadez.