Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Community Update

On Friday, March 30, I had the privilege of participating in the reading of names of those individuals who gave their lives, serving their country in Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts. I want to thank the organizers for putting this together and Pima Community College Downtown Campus for hosting the event.

I want to publicly thank to the City of Tucson Veterans Affairs Committee for putting on the Veteran’s parade for those who served in Iraq and Afghanistan on Saturday, March 31.

Saturday, April 14, marks the first anniversary of the opening of the Costco store, located at the Bridges Project in my Ward.

On the first day, more than 700 people signed up for new memberships to Costco and the store took in $730,000 in sales, a record for Costco.

This Costco store has been setting sales records since and has been a benefit to Ward 5 and the City of Tucson.

On Thursday, April 19, the 23rd Annual LULAC Educator Awards and Scholarship Banquet at the TCC will take place.

For the past 23 years the League of United Latin American Citizens,
Council 1057 in partnership with the Southern Arizona Institute of
Leadership have been actively involved with our community in providing
educational assistance to our youth and motivating them to realize
that the key to success is through education and that their number one
goal is to graduate.

With proceeds raised by the annual Educator's Banquet, LULAC has been able to sponsor students to attend the National Washington Youth Leadership Seminar and provide scholarships with LULAC's National Scholarship Foundation to help needy youth.

This year, the LULAC Educational Awards and Scholarship Banquet will honor

F. Ann Rodriguez, Pima County Recorder

Dr. Albert Siqueiros, Superintendent, Tohono O’odham School District

Arnold Palacios, Dir. Tucson Youth Development, Inc.

Ernie Duarte, Dir. City of Tucson, Developmental Services

Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona, Outstanding Community Organization

Soldado de Cuero, Special Recognition Award (Ten or more Years of
Community Service)

Hon. Robert and Beth Walkup, retired Mayor City of Tucson

Hon. Clarence W. Dupnik, Sheriff of Pima County

Retired Joe Valdez, Former City of Tucson Manager

Hon. Ramon Valadez, Chairman Pima County Board of Supervisors

A key ingredient to the success of LULAC programs have been the significant support of all communities. Please RSVP to 520-903-2838 or send an email to

On Thursday, April 5, to Tucson Padres will open their 2012 season at Kino Veteran’s Memorial Stadium, for tickets or more information, call 434-1367.

Mark your calendars for the following Ward 5 events.

Saturday, April 21, will be a graffiti abatement cleanup in the South Park Neighborhood Association, with help from GPC and the Fred Acosta Job Corps.

Saturday, April 28, the Ward 5 Council Office is holding a health and safety fair at the El Pueblo Senior Center, 101 W. Irvington.

Saturday, May 12, the Ward 5 Council Office will be holding a shred-a-thon.

And on Thursday, May 17, the Ward 5 Council Office will be a town-hall meeting.

For more information, call the Ward 5 Council Office, 791-4231, or go to my facebook page, blog or webpage on the City website.