Thursday, July 12, 2012

Tucson Water Update

Tucson Water Names New Director
In June, Tucson Water named a new Director, Alan Forrest. Mr. Forrest
brings 27 years of experience in public utility operations and
management to Tucson Water employees and customers. His professional
career began at Tucson Water in 1985. He gained additional experience
at three area water utilities. Most recently, Mr. Forrest served as
Vice President and Area Manager for the Tucson office of a Fortune 500
consulting and engineering firm.
As the new Director of Tucson Water, Mr. Forrest will work to ensure
that we deliver quality water with a high level of customer service,
making Tucson Water one of the finest water utilities in the nation.
Tucson Water Set to Break Ground on AOP Plant
On Wednesday, July 18, Tucson Water will break ground on a new
Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP) Water Treatment Plant adjacent to the
Tucson Airport Remediation Plant (TARP). The AOP facility will employ
some of the most sophisticated technology available to ensure that
Tucson Water customers receive clean, high-quality water well into the
The AOP filtration method will work in conjunction with the TARP to
efficiently and safely remove organic and some inorganic materials,
delivering approximately 8 million gallons of purified water a day.
The addition of the AOP Plant means that Tucson Water will continue to
be able to provide drinking water that meets or exceeds current
quality standards. The construction of a new AOP Plant is one of the
ways Tucson Water invests in infrastructure that ensures water
reliability for current residents and future generations.
Reclaimed Water – A Recycled Resource
Tucson Water’s reclaimed water system is one of the nation’s largest
and oldest. Tucson was one of the first communities in the U.S. to
begin recycling wastewater for irrigation. Today, nearly all the golf
courses, parks and schoolyards in our service area keep their turf
green with reclaimed water instead of precious drinking water. Look
for the reclaimed water signs to see where our water recycling is at