Saturday, September 18, 2010

Andrei Cherny as Arizona's Next Treasurer

“We can make safer investments that are going to get a better rate of return and at the same time help our own state’s economy create jobs and get off this economic floor – especially in areas like solar and some of these industries of the future where Arizona really needs to start leading before we get completely left behind. ”

In the September 13 Arizona Illustrated debate, Andrei Cherny spoke passionately about our need for a State Treasurer who will stand up for people who play by the rules, stop out-of-control government spending and fight to create jobs in Arizona. Pointing out that Arizona has plummeted from first to dead last in the nation for jobs, Andrei called on Arizonans to elect a Treasurer who is ready to “start doing things differently—because what we’re doing right now isn’t working.” 

Watch the debate for yourself here.

As an Arizona criminal prosecutor, a nationally recognized economic policy expert and a businessman working with some of America’s top companies, Andrei Cherny has been a leader on the issues confronting Arizona’s economy in the 21st century.  He is ready to serve as Treasurer – Arizona’s Chief Economic Officer – and he’ll be a powerful advocate for the middle class and Arizona’s small businesses.

Until last year, Andrei served as an Arizona state prosecutor going after multi-million dollar Ponzi schemes, home mortgage frauds, financial crimes, public officials who abused their powers and illegal immigrant smuggling rings. He took on the toughest fights and he’ll do it again.  As State Treasurer, Andrei will be "the Taxpayer’s Bulldog" in going after those who misuse government funds, whether in Wall Street banks or in the state bureaucracy. He'll work across party lines to use the powers of the office to make safer investments that spur new job growth; use audits to help reform government so that it works better and costs less; and help make Arizona "the Solar State."

Coming from an immigrant family where both his parents worked hard but often struggled, Andrei worked his way through Harvard by holding down three jobs at a time. As one of the youngest senior White House officials in American history during the Clinton administration, he worked on the fight to balance the budget for the first time in 30 years. Andrei has provided policy and strategy advice to some of America’s most prominent businesses. He has seen what works in our economy – and what doesn’t. 

Andrei is running as a traditional candidate, so be sure to support his campaign with your vote, your time and your contribution.
For more information about how you can help, check out Andrei’s campaign website here.    

So, what about Cherny’s Republican opponent? While Arizonans struggle but do what’s right, millionaire Douglas Ducey thinks he’s above the rules. He failed to pay property taxes on his Paradise Valley mansion in three of the past four years—and didn’t pay off the lien on his home until the day after he kicked off his political campaign. Although Ducey claims to believe in transparency, he still hasn’t disclose the source of the fortune he’s spending to try to buy the Treasurer’s office. And while Ducey says he wants to run the Treasurer’s office like he did his business, but his company lost 90 percent of its profits in the three years before he was let go – and failed to file its required reports.

Arizona can’t afford Douglas Ducey as our chief economic officer. We must elect Andrei Cherny, “The Taxpayers’ Bulldog,” as State Treasurer.