Monday, September 6, 2010

On this Labor Day

More than ever before, this is a time to honor Arizona's working men and women.  Times are tough, and many are working harder than they ever have, with less to show for it.

Arizona has lost 143,000 on the current governor's watch. And while our official unemployment number is a painful 9.7%, it does not tell the full story. When you factor in those who have given up looking for work, and those who qualify for full-time work but can only find part-time jobs, the number jumps to 18.5%.  
Jan Brewer has no plan to create new jobs; has done no work to bring new industry to Arizona; we have a foreclosure rate that is higher than ever; and a state economy that is broken. Her only solution was to form a committee whose first meeting isn't until September 24th.
As bleak as that looks, these are the reasons I'm running for governor.  Take a minute to read my jobs plan.  It is comprehensive, can be implemented immediately, and 95% of it wouldn't cost the state a dime. 
I believe Arizona can work again.  My plan will:
·          Support small business, the backbone of a strong state economy.
·         Create jobs by enticing big businesses to Arizona and by keeping those businesses here, rather than driving them away.
·         Ensure workers have the training they need to succeed.
Recovering lost jobs is the number one issue for the next governor. Jan Brewer has proven she is not up to the job.
Please join me, Terry Goddard, in spreading the word about my campaign for Governor, together we will make Arizona work again!