Saturday, September 4, 2010

What Is At Stake On Nov. 2

With only days until early voting for the election, the rhetoric from the far right just keeps reaching new lows. Aside from how misguided and conservative they are, the Tea Party talking points and Glenn Beck's lectures have shown us one thing: What's at stake this November 2nd.

Here's a quick list.

The Economy, Jobs and Education: Will we invest in small business and job creation, help the unemployed and underemployed, and expand access to affordable education for all Americans? Or will we turn back the clock and refuse unemployment coverage to those without jobs, cut taxes for the wealthiest corporations, and watch public education falter while tuition rises?

Social Security: Will we protect this important program for future generations without raising the retirement age or cutting benefits? Or will we go down a path of privatization and gamble our future in the stock market?

Health Care: Will we work to strengthen the Affordable Care Act by creating a public option that would reduce the national debt by an estimated $68 billion over the next 10 years? Or will we cruelly repeal this historic reform, eliminating first-time protections for uninsured and underinsured Americans and adding an estimated $450 billion to the debt?

Immigration: Will we finally enact comprehensive immigration reform and fix the broken system that is failing this country in so many ways? Or will we continue to sit on our hands and let this issue be used as a political football while people continue to suffer unnecessarily?

The Environment: Will we continue to give tax breaks to big oil, or will we put America on a path to energy independence and create sustainability standards that save money and create good jobs in growing sectors?

The far right wants to turn back the clock on the issues you and your family care about most. Please join Congressman Raul Grijalva this coming Tuesday as he addresses what's at stake in this election and issue a call to action to help us keep this country moving forward. Please come show your support and tell your friends and family.

Press Conference: What's at Stake this November

Tuesday, Sept. 7th, 12:00

Multi-Purpose Room of El Rio Neighborhood Center, 1390 W. Speedway Blvd. Tucson, AZ