Friday, August 26, 2011

Anti-obesity ads coming to Pima County

Pima County health officials on Thursday unveiled a $2 million anti-obesity advertising campaign that focuses on making little changes like cooking at home to become healthier.

The campaign, which is being funded with a portion of a nearly $16 million federal grant, includes a series of public-service announcements for radio, print and television.

"Every penny is staying in Pima County," said Donald Gates, who is part of the Pima County Health Department team administering the grant. "The intent is to open up the campaign with personal choices - small changes we can make to be healthier."

The advertisements feature local residents doing simple things that can make a big difference in one's long-term health - building a home garden, playing sports with family members and having family meals that make use of fresh produce. The public-service announcements will appear in both English and Spanish.

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