Thursday, January 26, 2012

Gem Show Update

For the next two weeks, nearly 60,000 visitors, vendors, and dealers will
descend upon Tucson to participate in the 2012 Tucson Gem, Mineral and
Fossil Showcase.

The Gem Show is very important to the City of Tucson, economically,
culturally, and historically. As City employees we are ambassadors to our
Gem Show guests and it is important that the great work we do be impressed
upon the vendors and visitors so that they know we appreciate their
business, and intend to improve this show each year.   This is a critical
year that will determine the future of the Gem Show in Tucson.

There are several steps we've taken to ensure we are doing our best to host
this important event in our City.  Assistant Police Chief John Leavitt has
been leading a City-wide staff team to manage our Gem Show preparation and
response.  This team has developed a variety of strategies to address
safety, cleanliness, transportation, and information sharing.  Among the
new tools are a website specifically developed for mobile devices (, a Twitter feed (@GemShow2012), a 24-hour phone
line (622-GEMS), and display/information booths that will showcase how the
Modern Streetcar will enhance the Gem Show experience in future years.
During the show, please e-mail  "GemShow2012" through Groupwise with any
suggestions you have to improve our support of and response to the Gem

I encourage you to read the latest issue of Tucson City News which focuses
on the many winter events we host in Tucson - such as the Gem Show -  that
help make our City truly unique.

Richard Miranda
City Manager