Friday, March 30, 2012

Cesar Chavez March Tomorrow

The Arizona Cesar E. Chavez Holiday 
Coalition invites you to the 

12th Annual Cesar E. Chavez march this 

Saturday, March 31, 

Gather 9 AM   for  short program 
at St. John's Catholic Church 
(Ajo and S. 12th Ave.)

March begins  10  AM 
 to Rudy Garcia Park 
on Irvington Rd. and S. 6th Ave. 
For Music and Speakers 

Cesar Chavez was born and died in Arizona. 
He is one of our own - Arizona's gift 
to the labor movement and the world.  
In 2001 Pima County created an admin  
day off to honor Chavez, much like honored 
Dr. King in 1991.  We are remembering his 
legacy with our traditional march this 
Saturday, and you are invited to attend.
His native state should honor him with a 
real and full holiday

For more information please call Laura 
Dent at 520-343-4900 

Please feel urged to spread the word.

The mission of the Arizona Cesar E. 
Chavez  Holiday Coalition states that 
its members strive to...

"maintain, strengthen, and educate 
with passion and creativity, the spirit, 
philosophy, and struggle of Cesar E. 
Chavez, Dolores Huerta, and the United 
Farm Worker's Union."