Friday, March 9, 2012

Fix a Leak Week


Tucson Water and utilities across the nation are promoting “Fix a
Leak Week,” March 12-18, 2012, to bring attention to the amount of
water lost through minor household leaks. Water loss through leaks
exceeds one trillion gallons annually. Most household leaks are easily

“Leaking toilet flappers and faucets are usually the biggest causes
of water waste in the home,” said Fernando Molina, Tucson Water Public
Information Officer. “Data from Tucson Water’s Zanjero Program
indicates 30% of toilets in customer homes were found to be leaking.
When left unchecked or unrepaired, the water billing portion on a
customer’s utility statement can jump dramatically.

The Tucson Water website has a link to an online drip/leak calculator
that tallies daily, monthly and yearly water waste. “Some would be
quite surprised at the totals,” added Molina.

Mayor Jonathan Rothschild has issued a proclamation reminding residents
to continue their water conservation techniques and address possible
water waste in their homes. Tucson Water’s “Fix a Leak Week” Hot
Topic at has links to videos on making simple
repairs, the “Homeowners’ Guide to Using Water Wisely” booklet,
and an educational activity book for kids from the EPA’s WaterSense

WaterSense officially launched “Fix a Leak Week” three years ago in
Phoenix with the Arizona Department of Water Resources (ADWR) and has
since recruited utilities and governments to participate to help
encourage water efficiency in residences.

Molina also suggests residents talk to experts at local plumbing supply
and home improvement stores for guidance on making repairs and having
the right tools and products for the job.