Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Cherrybell Post Office Update - We Are Winning!

Cherrybell Update - We are winning the battle!

From the Letters to the Editor (Arizona Daily Star), the following:

Election mail will be on time

The U.S. Postal Service is taking proactive steps to ensure election mail is delivered on time in Arizona and throughout the country. We can assure our customers that we're confident in the dependable, secure delivery of election mail.

Our planned consolidations of mail processing facilities won't impact the delivery of election-related mail this November. Subject to adoption of a rule changing delivery service standards, the Postal Service is pursuing a significant consolidation of its national network of processing facilities by December 2013.

No consolidations will occur before May 15, 2012, and we'll suspend most consolidation efforts during the fall election season, in anticipation of heavy mail volumes.

Nothing is more basic to our national democracy than a citizen's right to vote. The Postal Service's role in today's voting process is a fundamental part of the process.
The changes we are seeking to make will ensure affordable mail service to support the democratic process for years to come.

John DiPeri
USPS Arizona district manager, Phoenix