Friday, July 29, 2011

Karin's Note - Tribute to George Pettit

Dear Tucsonans,

As news of our dear colleague George Pettit’s passing spreads, we at the Ward III office have been moved by the warm wishes being sent from residents across our community. I’m still at a loss for words, and felt it most fitting anyway to share some of the touching sentiments shared with us by people George knew and served:

"I very much appreciated George's quiet way of getting things done with a minimum of fanfare and a maximum of courtesy and inclusiveness."

"He was a kind man. He was there when you needed him."

"George was always very supportive of our neighborhood's efforts and was always very genial (something that must not be easy to do given the complex nature of his job). George's legacy resides in the lives of those he helped."

"He was caring, courageous and very effective in helping others. He will be missed greatly by all of us who loved and valued him."

"He was such a gentle soul and a caring person who worked hard for those less fortunate or able…"

"The void left will be hard to fill."

"George was such a good friend to us all. He was good natured, forward thinking, smart, and kind. What a loss to us on a personal and community level."

He was truly one of those people who worked selflessly for the public good.

We have been sure to share the many, many expressions of respect and gratitude with George’s family. Services honoring George will be held next weekend, and we will pass on the details as those are finalized. In the meantime and always, we will strive to offer service to Tucson that would make George proud.

Thank you,