Saturday, July 16, 2011

Tucson's Water Supply - UCAB Meeting July 20


There was an agenda item involving our water and a report from Tucson Water pertaining to our supply of it.  Tucson Water reported that the federal government, specifically the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) changed their threshold for the allowable level of 1,4-dioxane, in a water supply. 

The City of Tucson and Tucson Water, is proceeding with the design and construction of an enhanced treatment facility at the same time negotiating with the responsible federal entities to cover the costs.  Tucson Water had this budgeted for this Fiscal Year.  This Mayor and Council and Tucson Water, have been swift to act after horrific lessons learned from the TCE contamination some decades ago.

Tucson Water reported that they have been keeping the Unified Community Advisory Board (UCAB) updated about 1,4-dioxane. They have been very supportive of our efforts in managing this issue and they also understand which federal entities are responsible for the 1,4-dioxane situation.  UCAB is the community board made up of many members who dealt with the TCE contamination.  UCAB is a forum where stakeholders work together to resolve issues and participate in the cleanup process at the Tucson International Airport Area Superfund Site and the TCE contamination.

Tucson Water is closely monitoring the 1,4-dioxane levels and remains committed to continuing to meet the moving target set by the Environmental Protection Agency.  Your Council Office and this Mayor and Council will not wait to take any step needed to keep our water safe and not to have another TCE situation.

There will be a meeting of UCAB on Wednesday, July 20, 5:45 p.m., at the El Pueblo Activity Center, 101 West Irvington Road.  Tucson Water will be making another presentation about 1,4-dioxane and it is important that the community attends this meeting to learn, to help and to ask questions. 

Your Ward 5 Council Office is in the process of setting up a series of meetings and forums about 1,4-dioxane, and will have any new information on this in upcoming newsletters, as well as the blog, Facebook page and the Ward 5 page at the City of Tucson website.