Saturday, July 16, 2011

Repairing Tucson's Roads

Tucson’s roads and potholes were also on the July 6, Mayor and Council agenda.  A proposal to combine the left over surpluses of the Mayor and Ward office’s budgets, totaling $240,000 to put toward road repair and pothole filling, throughout the City of Tucson.   Your Ward 5 Council Office had a surplus of $43,600, which has been added to this effort.

In addition, with the recent sale of two City owned parcels in Ward 5 to Landmark Development, in the area west of 22nd Street and Kino, for a total of $585,000.  Thanks to your Council Office, these funds will also be added to this effort for road repair and potholes.  These parcels were purchased by the City of Tucson in 2008, using HURF (Highway User Revenue Funds) monies the city receives.  Under HURF rules, any monies received from any HURF project must be used for road projects.  This transaction happened after the approval of the FY 2012 budget and these funds had not been directed for any other road project, so the Ward 5 Office had them directed for this collaborative effort.

During the July 6 meeting, these funds were added, bringing the total to $825,000 for road work to be done in FY 2012 across the entire City of Tucson, not just one block, intersection or Ward.

The Director of the Tucson Department of Transportation will now meet with each of the offices to discuss what roads (and potholes) should be worked on and to answer questions form our community.  The Ward 5 Council Office wants to hear from you on what roads, potholes and otherwise should be considered for this first effort.  So if you have ideas, or just questions, either call the Ward 5 office at 791-4231 or Email at, and put in the subject line: road repair - potholes and list which ones you think need them or with your questions.