Friday, July 1, 2011

Tucson Water Policies for Water Quality Sampling at Homes or Businesses

Tucson Water has recently been made aware of customers who were approached by individuals requesting water samples from their homes.

Tucson Water will only send technicians to a customer’s home or business to collect samples, upon request or as part of a formal water quality sampling program. In either case, prior arrangements are made with the customer. Employees retrieving samples will always be dressed in a Tucson Water uniform, drive a marked vehicle, and provide a Tucson Water identification card to verify employment.

In a recent incident, a Tucson Water customer reported being approached by individuals who identified themselves as being with “Water Quality” and requested to take a sample of water from the home. The sample was provided. It was reported that they returned the next day requesting an additional sample, and the customer refused. In both instances, the individuals would not provide their names or identification.

Tucson Water Interim Director Andrew Quigley says that Tucson Water devotes a significant amount of time and effort to ensure that customers receive high quality water. “The Water Quality Division is comprised of professional technicians and scientists who work hard to ensure that we meet all regulatory requirements related to water quality monitoring and reporting,” said Quigley. “We operate under strict protocols, and the fact that these individuals refused to produce identification
should raise a red flag.”

Water quality information can be obtained by contacting Tucson Water at
(520) 791-5945 or going online to