Monday, August 16, 2010

Tucson Meet Yourself Call For Participation

The 37th annual Tucson Meet Yourself Folk Life Festival is the opportunity of a lifetime to bring alive the cultural, artistic and creative spirit of our community traditions! Where do you fit? Sign up!

Performers: If you're an Arizona-Sonora based performer who showcases a genre of music and dance from one of the many cultures that make up Tucson and the greater Arizona-Sonora region.

Marketplace Artists: Tucson Meet Yourself Folk Arts Marketplace is a juried event showcasing folk artists who present and sell folk arts of their traditional cultures from Arizona-Sonora.

Games Enthusiasts:"Games People Play" is a new Festival area inviting local individuals or ethnic and other folk groups, clubs and associations to lead a cultural game from your ethnicity. Board games, hoops, ropes, puzzles- anything handed down that reinforces tradition.

Traditions of the Home Exhibitors: Proposals for installations and artistic assemblies that celebrate aspects of home or traditional everyday life are welcome from local ethnic, occupational, and other folk groups, as well as from artists, independent curators and other community-based entrepreneurs.
Volunteers:Since 1974 TMY has thrived because of the support of our many volunteers. We love and need your help! So many exciting assignments to choose from!

Around 100,000 converged in downtown Tucson last year during TMY - in a joyful weekend of tradition, creativity and participation from among Arizona-Sonora's diverse communities. This is the happening everyone looks forward to.

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