Thursday, October 7, 2010

Costco Update

The site development work for the Costco at Tucson Marketplace at The Bridges is proceeding on schedule. Curb and Paving adjustments are almost complete for the new signalized intersection at Tucson Marketplace Blvd./Duvall Vista and Kino Parkway.

A new 16" water system spans from Kino to Park Avenue pending one final tie-in at Park Avenue.

The Tucson Marketplace private sewer system is installed connecting to the Mission View sewer interceptor recently augmented by the Pima County's Regional Wastewater Reclamation Department.

Power, gas and phone lines are currently being installed through the site spanning from Campbell to Park Avenue.

Costco has placed a "Coming soon" sign on their building pad in anticipation the construction team achieving the "Pad Turnover" milestone the end of the fourth quarter, 2010. 

On the sign posted, Costco advertises a Spring 2011 Opening which is consistent with the progress and construction schedule.