Thursday, October 21, 2010

Veteran's Parade Needs Help Raising Funds

There are just three and a half weeks until Veterans Day and Tucson's annual Veterans Day parade. Still, the American Legion Post that sponsors the parade is scrambling to raise the money to put it on. 

When Tucson's 91st Veterans Day parade steps off on November 11, it'll have to do it without help from the city of Tucson.

In past years, the city provided police, barricades and grandstands. But this year, because of its huge budget deficit, the city eliminated its support for the parade, reported  Now American Legion Post 7, which puts on the parade, is trying to raise $6,500 to make up the difference. Joe Roberts, Parade Committee Chairman, says, "We are about $3,000 short of what our estimates are to hold this parade."

Still, Roberts says there's no question the parade will go on and veterans will be honored.  He says, "For us to give this up and not honor the memories of the people who paid the sacrifice would be a travesty." So Roberts is soliciting corporate sponsors and help from other veterans groups. Ken Dowse brought two checks from his American Legion Post 36.

Dowse says, "The veterans have always been respected on Veterans Day. And it's a parade that must go on. It gives the people the chance to come out and say thank you for defending our country." There's information on how you can help at The post's phone is 622-8703.