Thursday, October 7, 2010

Smoke Detectors

On October 6, a fire erupted in a house in Ward 5, killing an elderly woman. Tucson Fire reported that the fire was contained to the victim’s bedroom, which suffered heavy smoke and heat damage. 

At the time of the fire the house was occupied by the victim and her son.  The son was sleeping in a room at the other end of the house and did not know there was a problem until he woke up for the day and smelled smoke.  The house did not have a working smoke detector.  Cause of the fire and death are under investigation. 

Safety Message: This was a smoldering fire contained to one bedroom.  If the house had a working smoke detector the death and damage may have been avoided. 

As part of Fire Prevention Week the Tucson Fire Department has been giving away smoke detectors, paid for through a grant program.  Every home in our community should have a working smoke detector. A working smoke detector cut your chance of dying in a fire by half.