Thursday, February 3, 2011

COT - Weather Update

The City is experiencing a weather related emergency.  Weather has affected the delivery of water and gas to large portions of the City.  Conditions may last for several days.  The City has mobilized its emergency response team to provide help to affected residences and businesses.  There will be frequently updated information and links to City, County and Southwest Gas resources for the duration of this emergency.

2:32 PM Tips for dealing with Frozen/Burst Water Pipes including how to turn off home water at the meter

1:20 PM Southwest Gas Outage Area Update

1:00 PM Ward 6 Office Closed

In Spanish - 
El Frio a Afectado a Clientes de Tucson Water

10:24 AM Tips for dealing with Frozen Water Pipes

Tucson Unified School District and other Alternative Program Closings and Updates