Thursday, February 3, 2011

Tucson Water Update on Water Service February 3, 2011 / 9:15 p.m.

Tucson Water crews continue to respond to customer calls regarding water
service outages, and are also working to monitor Tucson Water facilities
for damage from extreme cold temperatures. Field crews are also
responding to reports of water main breaks throughout the Tucson Water
service area. 

Tucson Water has restored service to approximately 750 customers. And,
about 750 customers are still without water due to damage to Tucson
Water distribution facilities resulting from the cold weather. The
primary areas affected at this time include, Diamond Bell Ranch, and the
Rincon Ranch Subdivision. Main breaks are also affecting water service
in various areas around Tucson, and many customers are still
experiencing water outages due to frozen household plumbing.
Customers now have three methods available to contact Tucson Water to
report any problems they may be experiencing due to the weather: 

    1.) Customers can call the Emergency phone number at 791-4133 to
report  water service outage, or request assistance with turning off
water at their  home or business.

    2.) Customers can send an e-mail to to
report      leaks at their personal property, or any water main
leaks that they may     observe.

    3.) Customer Service hours will be available tomorrow morning
starting at     6:00 a.m. The Customer Service phone number is 791-3242.
“We are doing our best to respond to phone calls and e-mail
notifications as quickly as possible” stated Fernando Molina, Public
Information Officer for Tucson Water. “We have been reassigning
employees to respond to customer calls, and also to make sure that our
distribution system is protected over the nighttime hours.” Molina also
noted that Tucson Water employees will respond as quickly as possible to
calls for assistance. Customers are reminded that any Tucson Water
employee responding to a call for assistance will be in a marked Tucson
Water vehicle, wearing a Tucson Water uniform, and carrying Tucson Water
identification. Verification of Tucson Water employee status can be
obtained by calling 791-4133.

Tucson water also is recommending that customers take action to ensure
that any exposed water pipes on their property are protected by using
foam pipe insulation, or wrapping pipes with towels, rags or cardboard.
Doing so will help protect their home plumbing from freezing.
Periodic updates will be posted on the Tucson Water website at Updates are also being provided via the City of
Tucson Twitter account and Facebook page.

Additional information will not be available until Friday morning,
February 4, 2011 at 8:00 a.m.