Thursday, April 21, 2011


As Earth Day 2011 approaches, Tucson Clean & Beautiful reminds the distributes low-cost desert-adapted trees for Tucson area residents to plant at their home and in community public spaces through the Trees for Tucson program. Trees for Tucson continues to accept applications throughout 2011 for home shade trees as well as community project requests on a first-come, first-served basis.

To qualify for the Home Shade Tree Program, residents must be customers of Tucson Electric Power Co, and agree to plant the trees within 15 feet of their home on the west, south or east side of the home. Residences built in 1979 or earlier qualify for a maximum of four trees, and newer homes built in the 1980s or later qualify for up to two trees.

*NEW*: Area residents who have received trees from this program in the past, may now reapply if they have space for additional trees. Applications are accepted one time per calendar year, per residence.

A printable application form is available at or call (520) 791-3109 to receive a copy by mail or fax. The application lists a variety of native and desert adapted trees, from which applicants select their preferred types and quantity. Trees are delivered for $8 each. Planting and care instructions are provided with the trees.

The Community Tree Program is also available for schools, nonprofit organizations, and associations to shade buildings, common spaces, neighborhood streets, parks, washes, and other public areas. To qualify, please call (520) 791-3109 to coordinate your project.

The Trees for Tucson program was established in 1989 to educate our community members on the benefits of planting and properly maintaining trees at homes and in public spaces. This unique partnership provides several direct benefits: beautifying and shading our homes, reducing energy usage and costs, reducing our use of nonrenewable fossil fuels, minimizing Urban Heat Islands created by man-made surfaces, increasing wildlife habitat, reducing air and water pollution, reducing stormwater runoff and erosion, and greatly reducing Carbon Dioxide in our atmosphere.

Tucson Clean & Beautiful is a nonprofit organization incorporated in 1985 as the flagship for community based environmental volunteer efforts in the Tucson metro area. Programs include recycling and waste reduction, urban forestry, land stewardship, at-risk youth landscape training, and beautification. Visit or call (520) 791-3109 for more information.