Thursday, April 21, 2011

Water Line Break Update

Tucson Water crews worked through the night to drain a 36” reclaimed water line that burst yesterday morning, resulting in the closure of Congress Street west of Interstate 10 to Grande Avenue. Workers are still assessing the extent of needed repairs, and expect the closure to
remain in place for another week.

The pipeline was successfully drained of excess reclaimed water overnight, and the focus is now on cleaning out the excavated area to expose various utility services in the area. This will allow workers to conduct a complete assessment of damage to the reclaimed water line, as well as additional water lines in the location of the break. “Our intent is to make sure that all repairs made at this location last several generations,” stated Sandy Elder, Deputy Director for Tucson Water.

Potable water lines providing service to customers along Congress
Street were not damaged. However service has been temporarily re-routed
from another direction due to concerns that construction activity at the
site of the break could result in damage to those pipe.

The break damaged an 8” sewer line, however Pima County Wastewater
and Reclamation Department has determined the segment of sewer line is
not in service.

Westbound traffic on Congress Street will continue to be diverted to
the southbound I-10 frontage road. Eastbound traffic on Congress Street
is restricted to local traffic at Grande Avenue, and is closed at
Avenida del Convento. This allows for access to businesses located on
Congress Street, including the El Rio Community Health Center. St.
Mary’s Road and 22nd Street are suggested alternate routes for
drivers who normally use Congress Street. Motorists are urged to avoid
the area, and to exercise caution if construction workers are present.

Tucson Water officials are also working to identify options for traffic
control during the Mariachi Conference that is taking place a the Tucson
Convention Center next week.