Monday, April 18, 2011

What does the future of transportation look like to you? There’s still time to comment on ADOT’s Long Range Plan

How would you plan for our state’s transportation system if you could look 25 years into the future? You still have time this week to provide the Arizona Department of Transportation with your comments as we work to develop the state’s Long Range Transportation Plan.

ADOT’s long range transportation planning process is called What Moves You Arizona, which looks ahead 25 years to determine and prioritize how limited funds should be used throughout the state. These investment strategies could involve a greater focus on preserving current infrastructure, modernizing and expanding highways, public-private partnerships, and non-highway improvements like those for transit. It’s up to the public and communities to tell us what’s important to them.

So far more than 750 Arizonans have added their voices to the state’s Long Range Transportation Plan. Visit and click on the yellow button to watch a short video and fill out a brief survey. Your voice matters and we need to hear from you.

Transportation is fundamental to every one of us. It’s how we get to work and school, how we visit friends and family and run errands, and how we play and travel. The Long Range Transportation Plan is important to our future as a state. The decisions we make now will have a lasting impact on our state’s economic health and on our transportation infrastructure. Please take a moment to give us your thoughts and submit your completed survey by Friday, April 22.

ADOT’s Long Range Transportation Plan started with a 50-year vision developed through the Building a Quality Arizona process. This innovative involvement process incorporated the thoughts and values of Arizonans from across the state. Following adoption of the long range plan and based on investment strategies, yearly decisions will be made in creation of ADOT’s Five-Year Transportation Facilities Construction Program that will identify specific projects that will move forward to be funded and constructed.