Monday, April 11, 2011

West Wing Update

This week we are kicking off a series of interviews with Hispanic Administration officials who are not only examples of how much the Obama Administration reflects America’s great diversity, but who are also carrying out work that is vital to the Hispanic community and to all Americans. The first of this series is an interview with Mayra Alvarez, Director of Public Health Policy in the Office of Health Reform at the Department of Health and Human Services. Check it out here: 

And speaking of HHS...HHS Announces Plan to Reduce Health Disparities

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services today launched two strategic plans aimed at reducing health disparities. The HHS Action Plan to Reduce Health Disparities outlines goals and actions HHS will take to reduce health disparities among racial and ethnic minorities. HHS also released the National Stakeholder Strategy for Achieving Health Equity, a common set of goals and objectives for public and private sector initiatives and partnerships to help racial and ethnic minorities and other underserved groups reach their full health potential. The strategy, a product of the National Partnership for Action (NPA), incorporates ideas, suggestions and comments from thousands of individuals and organizations across the country. The NPA was coordinated by the HHS Office of Minority Health. For more information about the plans and the National Partnership for Action, visit: For more information about health disparities and the Affordable Care Act, visit: