Friday, September 30, 2011

City Manager's Office Organizational Changes

City Manager Richard Miranda has announced interim organizational
changes within the City of Tucson that will take effect on Monday,
October 3, 2011. The moves will establish a leadership team and
organizational structure to remedy the challenges that face the City of
Tucson and its citizens.

Liz Rodriquez Miller, a former Assistant City Manager for the City of
Tucson, and Andrew Quigley, current interim Director of Tucson Water and
Director of Environmental Services, have been named interim Assistant
City Managers.

“Ms. Miller and Mr. Quigley have established leadership experience
and tenure, and they will assist me in providing process and innovation
to our organization,” Miranda said.  “They will join a team that has
a passion for our great city. This is a first step towards codifying the
trust and confidence in the management of the City of Tucson for the
citizens of our community.”

Current Assistant City Manager Sean McBride and Assistant to the City
Manager Christina Parisi will both be temporarily assigned to the
Information Technology (IT) Department. Mr. McBride will be the interim
director while the recruitment for an IT Director takes place, and Ms.
Parisi will focus on marketing and communication outreach efforts for
the City of Tucson via the City website and social media.

“These changes are only a first step, I see them as creating the
foundation for our efforts to enhance service delivery to our citizens
and bring about Mayor and Council direction into action,” Miranda