Thursday, September 15, 2011

Pima County Bond Meeting - September 16

The next Pima County Bond Committee meeting will be this Friday September
16th @ 9:00 a.m. @ The Historic Manning House.

There are several issues of great interest to the City of Tucson including:

* Each jurisdiction will provide a presentation/report concerning all
projects utilizing Pima County Bond resources.  This presentation is known
as the Jurisdictional Semi-Annual Report. (Item #3)

* Discussion by the Pima County Administrator and Chair Larry Hecker
concerning the City of Tucson Review of County Bond Programs (Item #4)

* Several important Amendments are being proposed on projects in the City of
DOT-58) Kino Parkway
1.17) Habitat at 36th & Kino
4.33) Houghton Greenway
4.46) Wilmont Branch Library Replacement

* Presentations and deliberations on the Aerospace/Defense Corridor proposed
Transportation Improvements Project. There will be a report from a Pima
County Bond Sub-Committee and a possible presentation by Raytheon Missile
Systems and Davis Monthan Air Force Base (Item 6)

* Update for the proposed Velodrome Project for Downtown Tucson and a
presentation by Richard DeBernardis

This will be the FINAL MEETING for 2011